We at AKIDO will impart futuristic technical education and instill high patterns of discipline through our dedicated staff, who shall set global standards, making our students technologically superior and ethically strong, who in turn shall improve the quality of life of the human race.

Our mission is to educate students from all over India, including those from the local and rural areas, and from other countries, so they become enlightened individuals, improving the living standards of their families, industry and society. We will provide individual attention, world-class quality education and take care of character building.

To provide an infrastructure and facilities that may compare abundantly with the best institutions in India and other advanced countries. To impart knowledge to the young and energetic minds in the fields of science and technology so that after mastering the known technology, they can easily go on to develop leadership qualities in innovation and production. The ultimate aim will be to have collaboration with the renowned institutions in India and the rest of the world. The gains of globalization will be realized by developing new knowledge and human interaction with the people all over the world.

There will be enough scope to improve upon the quality and content of education by frequent and friendly interaction between the teachers and the students. Excellent infrastructure and other facilities will be provided from time to time. The objective will be to produce energetic, honorable and responsible citizens of India so that they can uphold the best in our society.

Mission of the Promoting Body

To establish professional academic institutions for shaping careers of the ignited minds who could channel their energy and intellect for getting technological solutions for the sufferings of the common man & present a human face of science and technology for mitigating the modern problems of human race and to create an environment which is free from physical & social obligations where an ordinary person could achieve one’s aim & objectives of physical and spiritual attainments for the benefit of the society.