Mrs. Sangeeta Katyal

B.A(Hons), B.Ed.

A student is always incomplete without his/her teacher. Teachers are considered to be those who selflessly and without any personal motive shape and build the future of there pupils. Thus at Akido, we take pride and honor to be in a profession of teaching.

We value our Teachers and we respect them for being into a profession which is responsible for building the future of our nation.

With this thought, we welcome the students to be a part of student life where at Akido you will see the most competitive and intelligent teachers are going to be your mentors, who not only will be kind and sympathetic with your weak areas but also will prepare you to face the challenges of the life bravely.

Our Teachers try to put themselves in the position of the candidate rather than someone who’s supposed to be espousing theories. A strong focus is given on the practical and students are guided to understand the real-life implications.

Our faculty members infuse their innovative, analytical thought processes into the learning environment and equip students with the rigorous, critical thinking skills needed to attack complex industrial problems and power new ideas.

Come to be a part of an institution where learning is Joy.