Prof. K.M Khanna

B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc (Hons)

PhD., F.I.C.C., M.A.C.S (USA)


The word AKIDO means-pursue your carrer dreams at India’s excellent and most vibrant engineering college where academic excellence meets a world class campus. On visit to AKIDO COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING at Bahadurgarh( Delhi-NCR) for a personal observation of the most modern facilities, library, laboratories, computer center workshops etc. you will appreciate the wisdom and hard work that has gone into the building of the college. Highly qualified faculty will interact with the students freely. The students will learn the complexities of the known technology, and can prepare themselves for learning the ingredients of the innovative technologies. A completely novel idea that may not exists in other colleges will be to have research laboratory where the students will have the freedom to develop new ideas into practical reality. The objective will be to teach students in an atmosphere of research.

The inspiration behind building a world class standard college is Gita and Chanakya. According to them the knowledge is power and the students who graduate from our college will be equipped with latest knowledge in their respective fields of study. The appropriate form of education will help reduce and eliminate socioeconomic imbalancies.

We have created environment that will facilitate learning in every way. The technology rich campus, world class facilities and expert faculty will ensure that every students who step out of its portal is equipped with a successful career.

Best of luck and God bless the students who join and graduate from our college.