Mr. Prikshit Katyal

Managing Director

The essence of the life is to live a life for others and die for a noble cause. We at Akido express our gratitude for receiving an opportunity to serve the nation. We have a crystal clear vision of enlightening the student brain with sound and technology-rich academic curriculum. We pledge to ensure that the students of Akido will not only progress in their respective fields but will also become the responsible citizen by abiding to the rules and will live a disciplined life.

The campus has a stress free environment which encourages the student to learn and the faculty has adopted all the measures to create a homely and a positive atmosphere. The students from time to time are exposed to practical implementation f their subjects through industrial visits, seminars and guest faculty lectures.

As we are aware that the students are the building blocks of our nation, tomorrow they will represent our nation in different disciplines, we at Akido will help the students to become knowledgeable and face the hardships of life without fear and with brave heart. We live a dream in which every member of the Akido family will ask for broader shoulders and not for the fewer burdens.

Come lets join the hands together to make the dream come true.